A warm welcome

It is with great joy we welcome four new Trust members for the new year at the cemetery. We are a volunteer run organisation and rely on the good will of our community to participate in the care of the cemetery and ensure its’ smooth running well into the future.

We are lucky enough that not one but four kind souls are gifting their time and energy into protecting this historic site. They bring a wide range of skills that will help us grow our ability to improve our offerings and keep things running smoothly.

We rely on the incredible knowledge of the existing trust members to capture the stories, family histories and local tales that are embedded in the landscape of the grounds. With additional trust members, we can also take a step forward in protecting the grounds and going into the future confidently with new digital tools such as new databases and advanced mapping techniques.

We are excited to begin our work together and hope to be reporting back soon with some exciting updates!

New Cemetery Trust Fee Schedule

The Department of Health – Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulation Unit has approved the new fee schedule for the Malmsbury Cemetery Trust as at 1 July 2014 and it is now available on the Department’s website.

The fee schedule is also available here

Malmsbury Cemetery Trust Fees Gazetted 1 July 14

Malmsbury Cemetery

Malmsbury Cemetery is located on the southern edge of the picturesque village of Malmsbury, about an hour north of Melbourne (Victoria, Australia).

The cemetery was established in November 1859 but it was not formally gazetted until 1861. The first known burial, that of Harriet Low, the wife of the then Anglican Minister of Malmsbury, took place in January 1860,  but the surviving register only records burial from 1863 onwards.

Denominations recorded are:

  • Episcopalian/Church of England/Anglican
  • Roman Catholic
  • Presbyterian
  • Wesleyan/Methodist/Uniting
  • Independent

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