►A Warm Welcome
Posted March 9, 2021

It is with great joy we welcome four new Trust members for the new year at the cemetery. We are a volunteer run organisation and rely on the good will of our community to participate in the care of the cemetery and ensure its’ smooth running well into the future.

We are lucky enough that not one but four kind souls are gifting their time and energy into protecting this historic site. They bring a wide range of skills that will help us grow our ability to improve our offerings and keep things running smoothly.

We rely on the incredible knowledge of the existing trust members to capture the stories, family histories and local tales that are embedded in the landscape of the grounds. With additional trust members, we can also take a step forward in protecting the grounds and going into the future confidently with new digital tools such as new databases and advanced mapping techniques.

We are excited to begin our work together and hope to be reporting back soon with some exciting updates!

►Conservation Management Plan released
Posted April 9, 2015

Using a grant awarded recently, the Cemetery Trust engaged Context – a specialist heritage consultancy – to prepare a Conservation Management Plan for the Cemetery.

The extensive report provides valuable insight into the historical significance of the Cemetery referring to the original plans, drawn up in 1857.

The document is fascinating to read and will be the basis of the Trust’s future conservation management of the cemetery.

►Grave markers to be removed
Posted April 9, 2015

Historically the Cemetery Trust issued lead clover leaf grave markers, stamped with the name and grave details of the deceased, placed at the grave before installation of a permanent memorial.

The Trust has now changed this strategy by marking all graves with brick and concrete markers which have the advantage of showing the position of all plots, not just those with family members interred.

Many of the old style markers have been damaged by mowing and maintenance machinery which is an environmental issue as they are made of lead. To protect the environment and prevent further damage, the Trust will be removing all lead markers not safely located on a permanent memorial.

They will be retained by the Trust as part of the history of the cemetery.

The Trust can be contacted by e-mail at or by writing care of the Malmsbury Post Office if you wish to obtain a marker for a family member.

►Weed works
[Posted 1 April, 2015]

The weed maintenance work continues, including gradual removal of blackberries and other woody intruders, while the lads from the Youth Justice Centre are doing a great job with mowing and removal of cuttings.

Barriers are being placed to deter cars from parking on the root areas of the old oaks along the frontage.

►Remembering war veterans at the cemetery
Posted June 16, 2014

Many service personnel who returned home to live out their lives in the community do not have their war service recorded on their memorial stone.

There is a current program by cemeteries and the RSL (as part of the Great War Centenary celebrations) to recognise these war veterans by providing a small tile, featuring a red Flanders poppy, which can be attached to a grave memorial.

The markers can be placed on graves of those who served in any conflict.
If you are interested in obtaining a kit, or in getting more information to honour a family member, visit or email

►Cemetery spruce-up continues
[Posted September 11, 2013]

Visitors to Malmsbury Cemetery may have noticed some new additions in recent weeks. A new sign has been placed at the entrance, a new water tank has been installed, and we will shortly be installing a noticeboard near the lodge so we can keep visitors abreast of cemetery activities.

The Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre crew have continued their excellent work in clearing weeds and keeping the lawns mown, and the Trust has recently received a grant that will allow us to purchase a range of tools and equipment that can be used in working bees. Our thanks to the Federal Government’s 2013 Volunteer Grants program for this grant.

►New memorial guidelines released
[Posted September 11, 2013]

Following a lengthy public consultation period, the Trust has completed work on the cemetery’s memorial guidelines – all new burials must comply with these guidelines.  

Visit the ‘Burials’ section of the website to download the new guidelines.


►Could you be our new Trust member?
[Posted May 16, 2013]

History buffs, green fingers, policy wonks, anyone with an interest in financial or governance matters or your local historic cemetery – we want you!

Malmsbury Cemetery Trust is always keen to receive applications for new Trust members.

We meet for two hours in Malmsbury on a Saturday once a month, with specific jobs to be undertaken in between meetings by those with time, enthusiasm and expertise to share.

Sound like you? To find out more, email us at

►New works: water tank, tiles, signage, vegetation
[Posted May 16, 2013]

The Department of Health has approved a grant to allow us to buy and install a new water tank at Malmsbury Cemetery. This work is due to be carried out in late May.

A new cemetery entrance sign has recently been installed, and there are also plans to replace the broken tiles on the roof of the lodge.

Work is also progressing on plans to clear weeds and manage vegetation at the cemetery.

Future plans at the cemetery include fencing of the historic oaks at the entrance to prevent soil compaction around the tree roots, and placement of a noticeboard near the cemetery gate. Funding is being sought for both of these projects.

Want to get involved? We’re always keen to hear from prospective volunteers.  If you think you might be able to help, email, or fill in the form available here (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Rainwater tank replacement
[Posted January 14, 2013]

Visitors to the cemetery may have noticed that the rainwater tank has sprung a leak.

The Cemetery Trust has applied to the Department of Health for a grant for a new tank. We expect to find out soon whether that application has been successful and will replace the tank as soon as we can.

Upcoming working bee
[Posted January 14, 2013]

Want to help spruce up your local cemetery?

We are seeking expressions of interest from community members who may be able to assist in sprucing up the cemetery grounds.

In particular, we would like to hear from anyone who is interested in the tree/vegetation plan, and/or participating in an upcoming working bee.

If you’d like more information, please email and indicate how you’d like to assist, or fill in the form available here (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Tree work update
[Posted October 31, 2012]

Urgent works to remove and prune hazardous trees and tree limbs at the Malmsbury Cemetery have been undertaken by arborists engaged by the Malmsbury Cemetery Trust.

The works were undertaken in accordance with the Treetec report provided to the Trust earlier in October (Click here to download the report – PDF 2mb).

Visitors to the cemetery should note that they should continue to avoid the areas of the cemetery abutting the western and southern boundaries.

A working bee will be undertaken soon to help clear up the branches and logs. If you are interested in helping out, please fill in the form at the bottom of the home page (click the Home tab above, just below the photo, then scroll down to the bottom of the home page).

Urgent work – tree removal and pruning to take place in October, 2012
[Posted September 2012]

The Malmsbury Cemetery Trust engaged the services of Treetec ( to undertake an assessment of trees located within the cemetery grounds to check for their health and safety.

The report, which was received in September 2012, indicates that there are a number of trees on the site that present a hazard and therefore need to be pruned or removed. This work is scheduled to be undertaken on October 25.

Further work will need to be taken over time, and there will be community consultation about vegetation.

Note that tree 28, as noted on the arborist’s report (see below), is on Council land. The Council has indicated that it will deal with that tree.

It appears that trees 23-27 are on the road reserve; however, the Council has indicated that a survey would be required to determine if the trees are on Council land or not, and that in any case these trees would not be considered of sufficient risk (in the context of all roadside reserves and the amount of time people spend near them) to require immediate work.

Click the link below to download the arborist’s report.

5 thoughts on “News

  1. Greetings folks – I am pleased that you are reviewing operations in the cemetery. I have no direct connection with Malmsbury, but I do lead bushwalks, and recently did a day trip in your town. This 15km walk circuit included the cemetery of course, and we thought that its setting and the lovely old trees were wonderful. Many of the group of 25 “explored” the cemetery too (thanks for recent mowing). As you acknowledge by your own logo, the most important architectural feature is that wonderful bluestone building just inside the gates. We do hope that the maintenance schedule includes this building, which, while in generally good condition, does need some TLC. I noticed that there are some small sections of the roof tiling needing work, and realize that, left unattended, will lead to considerable deterioration of the structure in the short to medium term. You could also consider a few information panels celebrating the historical features of the cemetery (that building, the row of oaks, earliest graves, pioneer families, etc.) – this would be of interest to visitors I reckon. All the best.

    • Hello Mark
      thank you so much for your feedback – The Trust is always very grateful to receive notes from people and groups who are enjoying the Cemetery Grounds and we have had a lot of very positive feedback about the work we are doing recently.

      The lodge is a very valuable asset and we have indeed had works done recently to repair the roof. The doors have also been re-painted and other repairs are planned. Eventually we would like to be able to open the lodge during funerals to enable people to shelter and use it as a gathering point for services.

      we have also installed a notice board – but currently this has had to focus on health and safety aspects of running the cemetery. An information panel is a good idea, thank you

      Malmsbury Cemetery Trust

    • Thank you for your enquiry.

      The website is an ongoing development of the Cemetery Trust and many new features are planned including posting a fee schedule.

      Current fees are available from the Department of Health, Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulation Unit website and also by contacting the Trust.
      If you would like to know any of our current fees please send us an e-mail using the contact us button on this site.

      Your enquiry is very much appreciated as the Trust is in the final stages of having new fees approved by the Department and we will be posting them as soon as they are approved. We hope that will be in the next few days.

      Malmsbury Cemetery Trust

    • The fee structure has always been available on the site under the Burials tab towards the top of the page. The new fee structure has been approved by the Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulation Unit and gazetted by them today, 1st July 2014. This new fee structure has been posted to this site.

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